I am an open vessel of God’s healing, loving presence.


I am a powerful, positive individual and all events in this day are for my highest good.


I am experiencing my highest good.


I am beautiful.  I experience only beauty and refreshment.


I am eternal, immortal, universal and infinite.  I see only beauty and strength every moment of my life.


I am recognizing God in every person and situation that comes into my experience.


I am not judging the evolution of others.  They are experiencing their highest good.


I am vibrantly healthy.  Every cell of my body is alight and alive with God energy.  I am experiencing vibrant health at all times, in every situation.


I am experiencing balance, contentment, peace and happiness in my life.


I am abundant.  My every need is met.  I share my abundance with others.


I am surrounded and supported by people who love me.